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Honest Smog Inspection Pricing

Bait-and-Switch Advertising

While there are a small list of vehicles that require special procedures in order to perform smogs 
(Porsche Boxters, Porsche Caymans, Chevrolet Astro Vans, other box vans) most vehicles with the motor underneath the hood are pretty straight forward. Local competitors are happy to charge you as much as they feel they can get away with. Take a look at previous customer's reviews. You'll find examples of customers who have paid close to $100.00 with no explanation. 
Have you ever received coupons with deals and wonder if it's too good to be true? Coupons offering large discounts such as $40.00 dollars off posted price let you know they are overcharging in order to offer large discounts, or charge top dollar to those willing to pay. Other coupons have long list of fine print stating fees for vans, trucks, SUV's, luxury cars, hybrids, and etc. Our pricing is out the door with smog certificate included. No surprise fees or changes in your estimate when you arrive. Our estimate is the same no matter what form of payment you choose. If you're shopping for the cheapest price, give them as much detail about your vehicle as possible and make sure to ask for out the door quotes. 

Our Smog Inspection Pricing

  • Engine cover or Center console removal: $20.00
  • 2000 and newer model year - $69.95
  • 1996 - 1999 model year - $89.95
  • 1976 - 1995 model year - $129.25

Vehicles renewing registration for model year 1976-present require smog inspection when prompted to do so on your DMV renewal notice.
Vehicles requiring extra labor in order to perform the inspection are subject to additional charges (engine cover removal or center console removal).