Successfully Complete Your California Smog Test

Above All Smog is a licensed Test Only station. A Test Only station is not allowed to do any mechanical repairs on your car. Test and repair stations can profit from your vehicle, failing the test so that your car would have to get repairs that aren't even needed. To not fall prey to such profiteering stations, the State of California established Test Only stations to make sure that consumers are treated fairly. We can't stress enough that you must get your smog test done in a Test Only station so that you don’t get cheated. You can trust our staff to make sure that your vehicle is thoroughly examined.

A Warm Engine Helps Your Vehicle to Clear the Smog Test

Before bringing your vehicle to Above All Smog for a smog check, make sure your vehicle’s engine is warm. It's easier for a vehicle with a warm engine to pass the smog check. A warm engine burns the fuel faster and the catalytic converter will better oxidize pollutants coming out of the combustion chamber, making sure that your vehicle is releasing less harmful emissions.

Get Your Oil Changed Before the Smog Test

If you’re bringing your vehicle in for a smog test, make sure the oil change is done prior to the test. This is so that your vehicle is not burning fuel which is high in hydrocarbons ultimately reducing the chances of it clearing the test. If during an oil change your vehicle’s memory chip has been reset, then wait for a few days and then come for the test.
Preventative and scheduled maintenance is key to improve any vehicle’s fuel efficiency and to reduce harmful emissions. Make sure your vehicle is serviced regularly so that it clears the smog test smoothly.

Diagnose Your Check Engine Light Today

Any vehicle with the check engine light on cannot pass the smog test even if it meets all other criteria of a successful test. Although a smog technician might be aware of your check engine light due to a state defined protocol, he or she has to continue the smog test despite the fact that your vehicle has already failed the test. This is why we offer FREE re-test. We would like to inform you that every technician is rated by the State and this rating is critical to their livelihood. To avoid failing the smog test, kindly make sure you get the check engine light issue resolved.

Optimum Tire Pressure

Optimum tire pressure not only helps your vehicle run smoothly on the road but also on the dynamometer during the smog inspection. You can find the manufacturer’s specifications for tire pressure on a sticker on the driver’s side door jamb, in the glove compartment, or in the trunk.

Fill Your Gas Tank

It requires a bit more time to test vehicles made in 1995 or older. These vehicles require an additional EVAP test, where the gas tank is filled with nitrogen to test if it holds pressure. A full tank will reduce the time required for this test and put you back on the road more quickly.